This map covers an area of about 50 kms x 30 kms.
1 Open palm-studded grassland Limpopo flood plain studded with Ilala palms and Fever trees, Baobabs. Specials include; Lemon breasted canaries, Long tailed starlings and Spinetails.
2 Riverine forest Sycamore fig, Jackalberry, Nyala tree and many other fruit bearing trees are dominant. Specials include; Narina trogons, Pels fishing owls, Wattle-eyed flycatchers and Thickbilled cuckoos.
3 Mopane woodland Predominately Mopane, mixed with Marula, Leadwood, Bushwillow and Baobab. Specials include; Rackettailed roller and Arnott's chat.
4 Karoo sandstone ridges Rocky ridges and cliffs covered with Ironwoods, Rock figs, Euphorbias, Aloes and other succulents. Birds in these areas include; Freckled nightjar, Greater honeyguide and African hawkeagle.
5 Kalahari bushveld Arid bushveld covered with a mix of Acacias, Corkwoods and Sesame bush. Birds here include; a rare roost of about 300 Mottled spinetails, Crimsonbreasted bou bous, Chestnut and Greybacked finchlarks.
6 Broadleaved woodland Broadleaved woodland incorporating areas of Afro-montane forest and the only known Miombo forest in South Africa. Specials include; Bluespotted dove, Mashona hyliota, Goldenbacked pytilia and Crowned eagle.