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Fossil Mystery Solved

Since its discovery a few years ago, the fossil site at Pafuri River Camp has been the subject of considerable speculation and discussion.

Many of our visitors believed that the site contained ancient animal bone fossils, quite possibly from a dinosaur! Now, the mystery has been solved!

Dr Sharad Masters of Wits University has positively identified this site as one of the few fossil termites nests in South Africa. They are about 181 million years old.

Dr Master is one of South Africa’s leading expert on ancient termite burrows and has written scientific, geological and archaeological papers on three other termite fossil sites. In his hand is an ancient stone age tool he also found at the site.

To reach the fossil site, walk downstream along the Mutale River for about one kilometre from the main camp. After passing some black basalt on the path, a clump of fever trees leads to a sandy bank with flat sandstone rocks and the fossils embedded in them.

The pictures below show the approaches to the fossil site from the camp downstream (left) and from the Kruger Park side upstream (right).