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December 2010
31/12/210 - Johan and Liesl
Ons het heerlik gebly, dankie! Baie vriendelike diens en netjiese kamp. Die swembad is heerlik koel. Sterkte met die hitte en mooiste wense vir die nuwe jaar!

29/11/2010 - Trude en Eelke de Beer
Friendly people. The food was very good. Good luck to you!

29/11/2010 - Francois Rodumeyer
One of my few peaks work-wise to spend 3 nights of them here. Always a treat always with good people. See you Jan 11!

29/12/210 Carin en Jorrie Jordaan
Thanks for everything, feel rested very pretty and tranquil. Keep up the good work!

28/12/2010 - Family Von Heek Holland
Thanks for great hospitality, very tasty dinner and lovely breakfast with fresh scones! Very nice and good how you solved our booking problem!!!

27/12/2010 - Clint and Rose Lines
Thanks John and Wilna. Wonderful time we had. Good luck! All the best!

27/12/2010 - Mohammed and Aadilah
Wow! Beautiful and peaceful place…. Really enjoyed the warm water of the river!

27/12/2010 - Basil and Louise Lenthner
Well played! Really enjoyable here in the bush. Tranquility at it's best. Thank you!

26/12/2010 - Jan and Alida
Lekker in die bos- die sifdraad tussen die hel en hier is gesteel- baie rustig en aangename mense en skoon geriewe.

22/12/2010 - Yorke and Holton
Thank you for your obliging hospitality. A tranquil, restful place with charming service.

22/12/2010 - Hennie, Ria en Suzette
Nog n vuurmaakhoutjie opgetel vir die oudag! Dis baie netjies en word puik bestuur. Alles mooi! Dankie!

20/12/2010 - Kira and Ian
A really wonderful and restful stay- beautiful atmosphere, wonderful friendly staff and great hospitality from Wilna and John and Fiona (and Sally)! Fantastic food great pool and Nightjar is the place to be! A great experience and one that we hope to repeat soon!

18/12/2010 - Tina, Dave and Jo Beattie UK
We had a wonderful time here- enjoyed Wilna and John's hospitality and loved the camp!

18/12/2010 - Lizelle Engelbrecht
This place is stunning, very quiet and peaceful, thank you for the great service and the food was amazing. We would love to come back to this beautiful place.

11/12/2010 - Lee Buys
Thanks for a beautiful African experience. Service great! Will definitely recommend your camp.

7/12/2010 - Carol and Jan Foulis
Fantastic, what a really special place. Hope to return one day.

6/12/2010 - Louise and Talitha Viljoen
Our first 100% nature experience. Don't change anything. Already planning our next trip here. Staff are exellent.

1/12/2010 - Lucas Maphosa
Only 100% Nature I have ever seen.

November 2010
29/11/2010 - Francois Rodumeyer
One of my few peaks work-wise to spend 3 nights of them here. Always a treat always with good people. See you Jan 11!

19/11/2010 - Richard and Valia Craucamp and kids
Exellent! Peaceful-great food-Amazing people. We'll come back again next year. Keep up the good work!

14/11/2010 - Collin & Sue Hobbs (Essex U.K.)
Thank you John and Wilma - Super stay! You really do a terrific job! God Bless!

10/11/2010 - Richard & Valia Croucamp plus kids
Excellent! Peaceful - Great food - Amazing people. Will come back again next year. Keep up the good work.

07/11/2010 - Jim & Morna Buys
What a wonderful spot. The birding was well worth the 2000 km trek to get here. We were given a wonderful welcome and Robert did us proud with his cuisine. We wish you all the best - strength and Joy!

October 2010
04/10/2010 - Jaco & Lizl van der Merwe.
Dit was heerlik! Great mense. Baaie dankie vir jul vrienddeurlekheid. Sien weer.

01/10/2010 - Van Niekerk family.
Great bush experience!! Friendly staff, will see you soon.

September 2010
29/09/2010 - Oosterhuisens Koks and Roets
Thanks. Was lovely all very clean. Great stargazing.

27/09/2010 - Jan en Karien
Ons het baie lekker gekeier- net wat ons nodig gehad het om uit die stad uit te kom. Houthuisie by die rivier is stunning en rustig. Staff baie vriendelik. Ons sal beslis weer kom. Baie dankie.

24/09/2010 - Dan and Marion
A most unusual and very "African experience". Most enjoyable. Great hospitality and a warm welcome.

19/9/2010 - Jeff and Yvette
What a wonderful experience, just what city slickers needed!!! Wonderful friendly staff. Thanks for a great time.

13/09/2010 - Trevor Hughrs
Great place, pity we drove past before, will be back for longer.

3/09/2010 - Werner Steyn
Loved the food, loved the star talk, loved the atmosphere. We will be back.

August 2010
31/08/2010 - Taiwan.
Great fun thanks a lot. (in Taiwanese.)

30/08/2010 - Libby Stark.
Thanks Vaughan & Kos. I won't forget my trip here- a great place.

25/08/2010 - Mike Abbot.
After 16 years, still a joy to come and visit!!

23/08/2010 - Lou and Lesley Pelser.
Wonderful setting-peaceful, plenty of birds, good accommodation and food. Thank you!!

09/08/2010 - Andre and Freda van Zyl.
Baie dankie, dis hoekom ons so mal is oor Afrika!

06/08/2010 - Norman Doak.
Super spot. Wonderful birds. KNP on the doorstep.

06/08/2010 - Rudolf Sanz.
Amazing place and a great explanation of the stars. Tranquility and relax!!!

06/08/2010 - Bianca Juaret.
Amazing place and great dinner!! Thank you. Will recommend you….!

July 2010
22/07/2010 - Gerard en Gorinehem, Netherlands.
Well done, quite surprising.

22/07/2010 - Pete Francis
Fantastic fun and educational.

21/07/2010 - Estee Esterhuizen
Baie dankie dit was wonderlik

Great place - peaceful, quite and very hospitable.

10/07/2010 - Rossouw family, Stellenbosch.
Enchanting Africa, we'll be back for sure.

10/07/2010 - De Wit family.
Charming set-up we thoroughly enjoyed it.

10/07/2010 - Nico en Elsie.
Baaie dankie ons het gerus! Genade vir julle.

8/07/2010 - Mike Abbot.
Once again, beautiful place to stay. Enjoy every visit more. Keep up the good work guys.

4/07/2010 - Ben Craukamp.
It was unbelievable the sound of the birds the peacefulness still the heart.

4/07/2010 - Carl Koch.
Dit was baie lekker. Dankie!!

4/07/2010 - Hennie Spies & kinders.
Heerlik in the natuur, sal weer kom. Dankie.

4/07/2010 Dawie & Karen Venter.
Ek he gevoel soos Heidi in die berge. Unforgettable adventuur

3/07/2010 - Clive Brown & family.
Great spot. We'll be back. Still got to catch a tigerfish and see Pells.

2/07/2010 - Greta Engelbrecht.
Will certainly return for a longer stay - wonderful!

1/07/2010 - Marie Du Plessis.

June 2010
20/06/2010 - T Grobelaar.
Fantastic, clean organized, just great!!

20/06/2010 - M. Badenhorst.
One word! Awesome!!. Did enjoy it here!!

20/06/2010 - Edwards.
It was so fun.

20/06/2010 - C. Winterton.
Beautiful, very clean, great stuff!

19/06/2010 - Jose Ferrer.
Very nice place! And a fantastic view of the sunset, really liked it here! Hope I can come back soon.

17/06/2010 - Elaine Braam.
Baie rustig. Ons het dit baie geniet. Sal definitief weer kom. Dankie.

16/06/2010 - Wayne Hodgkinson and group.
Fantastic. Magic service. Awesome accommodation.

16/06/2010 - Andy Cornelius.
Serene - relaxing. Just what the doc ordered. Staff - fantastic. Want to visit again.

16/06/2010 - Chris, Clarisa, Jemma, Jordyn Davies.
What a stunning place! The night sky safari was brilliant!! Thanks so much….great memories.

15/06/2010 - Pete Smith.
Thanks guys. Stunning place well managed. Love it!!

13/06/2010 - Julian & Anna May.
Paradise and stars. Thank you.

13/06/2010 - Dawn & George Hawker & clan. John & Venessa Wright & clan.
Service + hospitality - fantastic - thanks guys. Accommodation superb - setting magnificent! God is good.

13/06/2010 - Opperman Richter.
Beautiful, would have liked to stay longer. Will be back.

13/06/2010 - Dreyer family, Melkbossrand.
Lovely! We really enjoyed ourselves. Will tell all friends. The shower was a 10++

13/06/2010 - Du Plesis en Steyn gesien.
Wat n vruyde. Die ……… was hurlike: Die storte uitstiekende and die sterkyk n wonderlik anvaring! Dankie!

12/06/2010 - Arnond de Vroomen.
A place we will definitely come back to. We enjoyed it so much.

10/06/2010 - Bique 6.
1st base 1200 km enduro trip. Great Stuff!!

9/06/2010 - Caro & Klaus.
What a lovely place! Great accommodation, great staff and everything was just excellent. Thank you so much!

8/06/2010 - Peter and Pippa Grant.
Brilliant!! Will be back.

8/06/2010 - Ced Prichardt.
Excellent - Thanks.

6/06/2010 - Pam & Willem Walton.
Glad Stan told us about this paradise.

4/06/2010 - Lisette Marrewyk.
Thanks for excellent service and a real bush experience.

4/06/2010 - Johanna Medvey.
Very nice concept, I enjoyed my stay I'm only sad I didn't meet the crocodiles.

May 2010
2/5/2010 - Pablo Pinero
Now I know where to find the south polar star. I can not be lost ever in my life.

2/5/2010 - Silvia Bettocchi
Great experience. Thank you and hope to come back.

5/5/2010 - Willie Drinkwater
A wonderfull place & a great experience. Many thanks.

5/5/2010 - Stan & Connie Combrink.
Dankie vir die gasvryheid. Wonderlike stil plek So na an die skepper.

9/5/2010 - Kobus, Janine, Fikkie & Ylomi. (Prize winners, voucher).
Dankie ons het lekker gekuier. Sien julle gou weer!

14/5/2010 - Brent Steend
What a great place! Hospitality was amazing and camp was incredibly clean and peaceful. Ahhhh! I will recommend this to my friends.

24/05/2010 - E-mail from Malcolm Pickard
Back in the office today and Pafuri Rivercamp seems a distant universe away.

Thanks for another wonderful night in the comfort of your camp, an experience in solitude that will be long remembered. Thanks also to the elephants who visited the river just after midnight and who, although staying just beyond the reach of my torch beam, certainly made their presence known.

The delight of being visited by a hippo at around 04:30 paled into insignificance as the dawn announced the arrival of the day I could finally fetch Jaccy back from Eco Training.

Please thank both Cos and Robert for their hospitality. We will certainly be back.

Kind regards. Malcolm.

April 2010
1/4/2010 - Ntsako Makhubele
Had a wonderful night, just next to the origin.

4/4/2010 - Philip & Francois
Beautiful!! Will come visit again.

4/4/2010 - Alvarez Arjona
It was a good experience.

4/4/2010 - Franco and Lindi
Dit wa n baie lekker tyd en die bos hier is ongelooflik mooi en ek het n baie lekker tyd gehad. Vir almal wat hier agter bly geniet dit en sterkte groet.

4/4/2010 -8/4/2010 - Bruno Poco
The place is great. The people are great and we had an awesome time. We will definitely be back, I can't wait. Chirs & Marina. Die stilte is die lekkerste van ons.

4/4/2010 - Mariska & Rudi Stickling
Excellent, excellent, excellent. Gaie gooie diens. Uitstekende gasvreiheid. Dis hoe die bos moet wees.

4/4/2010 - Mike Noeth
Really beautiful overnight stay.

5/4/2010 - Org & Marietjie Robbbertse
Baie lekker bos….Baie lekker, sien julle weer.

5/4/2010 - Dietman & Corrie
Baie mooi kamp, het dit baie geniet. Hou baie van die huisies.

5/4/2010 - Gideon & Dawn Smit
Ons het uitsteekende lekker ontspan. Sal weer kom kuier.

5/4/2010 - A Cloete
Lovely setting, a very special place. Cheers.

5/4/2010 - Tjaardt & Chantelle
Fantastic place, nice to be here will come back.

5/4/2010 - Alex & Angeline
Fantastic place and great food try and keep it like this.

5/4/2010 - Pikke & Rita Calyn
Paradys, mooiste boome, en julle gasvrgheid is ongelooflik.

5/4/2010 - Osie, Marina & Joop
Baie dankie, regtig ongelooflike area. Sal weer kom.

5/4/2010 - Ansa, Johann a& Reynard
Gaan die plek en mensa mis. Dankie vir al die moeite en gasvryheid.

6/4/2010 - Johan & Marlien Bower
Te min tyd en baie om te sien.

6/4/2010 - Naas Grove
45 new tree species for the Pilansberg Dendrological Society. Thanks for the warmness and hospitality. Pat, Cos and Mark you're great!!

10/4/2010 - Reg Hall
Pleasure to be here. Great staff will return.

10/4/2010 - Fischer family
Beautiful. Was lovely staying here. We will see you again, hopefully soon.

10/4/2010 - Smith gesin
Ons dink Jesus bly hier. Baie dankie.

15/4/2010 - Mike Kelly
Very enjoyable, pleasant people. Bird sounds are great in the morning.

18/4/2010 - Alois Haberhaver
Very nice again. 10th visit. 18/4/2010 - Vancouver Canada
Nice place!! Wonderful hospitality. Have never seen so many stars.

18/4/2010 - Chad Evaschesen
Beautiful camp, great food and nice people. Thanks to Kos and Rob. 15/4/2010 - Marius & Karen CSIR. Beautiful views and……will be back.

20/4/2010 - Malcom & Jacky
Lovely peaceful place. Great food! Very friendly people. Thank you!!

22/4/2010 - Christel & Michael
ery relaxing place, friendly, a place for holidays in nature. Thank you!!

22/4/2010 - Van Dooren
Relaxing in the bush, the best place in S Africa, friendly staff, perfect food. Thanks.

25/4/2010 - W. Vlock
Really, really excellent. Pity about the overcast weather.

25/4/2010 - 25/4/2010 - M Gardener
Wonderful to be back again. Wow!! It was cool for the first time ever.

25/4/2010 - Nola Nobbet
Delightful setting and friendly and helpful staff.

25/4/2010 - Anton & Petro Celliers
Ongelooflik lekker, dankie vir die wonderlike gasvryheid, sal weer kom.

26/4/2010 - Teresa vd Hoeden
Great stay, lifted the spirits in spite of a spot of rain.

26/4/2010 - Freddie and Lapies
Baie, baie lekker& rustic

30/4/2010 - W Beech
A really great experience! A wonderful first time camping trip.

30/4/2010 - Victoria Johnson
A peaceful haven! Next time we definitely need to stay longer.

30/4/2010 - Richard Reitz & Isabella
Beautiful place, artistic and practical. I am stealing with my eyes and senses. Well done.

30/4/2010 - Peter and Margi Bern
We will endeavor to return.

30/4/2010 - Frans Botha
Excellent place to stay. Next time a little bit longer. Good luck.

March 2010
8/3/2010 - Derek & Mike Boyce
Peaceful, enjoyable experience. Thanks to Pat & Kos for your hospitality

12/3/2010 - Jon & Patwager
Beautiful place, host extremely accommodating. Slept well, ate well and very relaxing. Thanks for everything.

14/3/2010 - Gerrud & Torin Kent
Very good information. Relaxing time for dads & lads.

14/3/2010 - Alex Rivelos
Excellent cultural (African) exposure.

21/3/2010 - Jean Shapiro
Great hospitality, unique facilities, awesome celestial fireworks display.

21/3/2010 - Angie Chan
Thank you for the wonderful weekend.

21/3/2010 - David Shanks
Beautiful spot! Thanks so much.

21/3/2010 - Catherine Chow
The hospitality was superb! We'll bring more friends next time.

21/3/2010 - Jodie & Mat Sheath
Great place, would of loved to have stayed longer. Pity we came while the rain was heavy.

22/3/2010 - Philip & Suzanne Heydenrych
Julle het n pragtige plek. Ons het n wornderlike 3 jaar troudag gevier. Dis fantasies in die bos. Buiter stort is die beste.

28/3/2010 - Johan & Chrissie de Villiers
Fantasies, baie lekker.

29/3/2010 - Jimmy Cooper
Awesome as always, great company and service.

30/3/2010 - Pete Molenaar
Lovely, will be back.

31/3/2010 - Caroline Johle
We had a wonderful stay in the garden of eden. Will definitely come back. Thank you for your warm hospitality.

24/2/2010 - Henry + Laura Kunz, Switzerland
Very nice camp and super management, very interesting to talk to. Thanks!

23/2/2010 - Alex Ferreira
Baie aangenaam in die bos. Sal weer kom as dit koeler word.

22/2/2010 - Nakedi Maputla, Polokwane
Extremely hospitable hosts. I had a wonderful time here. Many Thanks.

17/2/2010 - Claudia + Dietmar
Perfect nature and silence to get to and away from the city! Lovely rooms!

16/2/2010 - Nordbak, Phalaborwa
Excellent service from hosts.

15/2/2010 - Brittany, Emma + Machfeld
The most lovely rooms and great staff, would like to have stayed longer!

15/2/2010 - The Longridges
What a lovely peaceful place. Hope it rains soon.

14/2/2010 - Jo Fisher, JHB
Lovely camp and great paddling. Amazing part of the country. Thanks!

10/2/2010 - Mike Murphree + Girls
What a wonderful break from the city, what a beautiful paradise! Thank you.

10/2/2010 - Annemiek + Willem van Leeuwen, Netherlands
We enjoyed our stay very much. The food, the river and our tent. And most of all the information about the animals and nature here and in the Kruger Park. And the nice talks and drinks at the bar. Thanks ever so much for this wonderful stay here at Pafuri River Camp!!! We felt very much at home here!!

9/2/2010 - Bossuet Sandrine, France
Wonderful Night. Many thanks! We loved the view on the beautiful river.

5/2/2010 Sue Moore Pretoria
Absoutely Fab. See you soon.

January 2010
18/01/2010 - Orella and Dimitri, France/London
It is just to thank you so much for the fantastic time we had in Christmas in your camp!!! We hope to come again to visit you soon!!! Thanks to Mark for all the things we've learn... we will have a wonderfull memory of south afrika!!

4/1/2010 - Fluffy group, Mozambique
Beautiful setting, great food and very hospitable people. We'll come back!!!

2/1/2010 - Gert, Francois, Danita + Herman
Thanks for your hospitality. We loved the stay-tranquility.

1/1/2010 - Jose + Miguel Ramos
Rating: Excellent! Thanks to all the staff for a most pleasant stay!