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December 2012
24/12/12 - Eugene and Nellie De Villiers
We had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. Thanks to Robert for the super food.

14/12/12 Eugene and Mirna Vosloo
We enjoyed the four days very very much. Martin and Ali were fantastic hosts, very friendly and helpful. We'll come back again any time.

02/12/12 Andre Louw
Thanks for the hospitality, Taiwanese ladies loved every moment. Will be back!

November 2012
19/11/12 Pieter and Amanda
Baie lekker - geslaap, geëet en gestap. Sal moet terug kom.

15/11/12 John
Dit was baie lekker!! Net ons en de bos!

03/11/12 Brian and Jenny Wilson
Great "outdoor" few days. Everything very good. Cook good and Martin & Ali very friendly and helpful.

October 2012
21/10/12 - Sandy & Ross Mackintosh
Very comfortable, great meals and very friendly people. Thanks.

18/10/12 - Ian Wood
A far better option than staying in the park! I'll be back!

17/10/12 - Van Der Merghel
The children adored the site, making fire…. A good experience!

17/10/12 - Rolf & Ivette Bockermann
Absolute peace and quiet. Can't wait to return for a longer period.

16/10/12 - Paul Baker & Mary Brown
A great place to stay. Birds everywhere! Fantastic for Kruger too. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Thanks for having us. We'll spread the word!

September 2012
09/09/12 - Markus & Christine
Einfach Fantastisch! Wir haben uns sehr wohl gefuhlt. Das camp ist ein sehr sehoner platz um sich zu sitzen und den stimmen des busches zu hoven. Im pool kann mah sich wuunderbar abkuhlen. Martin uns Ali sind fantastische liente. Sehr frenndlich! Vielen dank fur alles! Wir haben uns sehr gut erholt und hatten viel spar! Markus und Christine.

01/09/12 - Vecht
We spent here one day. A nice stay and great food. Thank you, we hope to see you again.

August 2012
26/08/12 - Blake & Fione Weeple
We look forward to returning after the utter tranquility of our tent and the warm reception. Thank you!

25/08/12 - Richter & Marcia Van Tonder
Baie lekker. Het dit angelooflik baie geniet. Die verskeidenheid voel spesie in die kamp is fantasties! Sien jul weer!

22/08/12 - Du Preez Family
Incredibly relaxing! Great service and a great place! Thank you!

22/08/12 - John & Pat Wrightson
Great place to relax, facilities are good and hospitality good, made to feel welcome. Thanks.

20/08/12 - Ron & Jo Dyer
Fantastic place. Good birding and hospitality so friendly. Will come again.

18/08/12 - Walter
Unique and wonderful again! Thank you.

17/08/12 - Van Zyl
Great spot in nature, thanks for awesome experience.

16/08/12 - John & Gareth Edwards
1st Class. Good Hosts.

12/08/12 - Jan & Rentro Stemmett
Altyd Baie Lekker!!

10/08/12 - Wally
Absolutely Delightful.

09/08/12 - Alison May & Norma Scott
A great "get-away-from it all" place to stay. An amazing experience and such friendly staff.

02/08/12 - Chris & Estelle Derrisen
Pragtig & heerlike verblyf!

July 2012
31/07/12 - Lesley & Graham Charnock
Magical spot! We loved our stay at Nightjar! Many thanks.

27/07/12 - Wendy Fisher
It was very peaceful and the staff great. Thank you!

21/07/12 - Henderson
Pragtig! Sommer lekker om te oflaai.

21/07/12 - Milan & Michelle &Andrin & Jallic
Wonderlike naweek, heerlike fasiliteite fantastiese voellewe!!!!

19/07/12 - Robert & Brigitte
We had a very nice time here. We love it and will try to be back! THANKS!

16/07/12 - Claudette & Paul
What a wonderful place to be will deff. see you again! Thank you so much.

15/07/12 - Peter & Viv Gericke
Best food, will be back. Thank you.

10/07/12 - Cicelia Van Der Vyver
Very spoilt! Excellent service. Rustic, relaxing and rejuvenating. Thank you!

08/07/12 - Marius Van Der Vyver
Excellent! Really enjoyable & we were well looked after. Exceeded expectations!

08/07/12 - Lucinda Mohring
Awesome camp, beautiful. Lived up to expectations. Thanks.

08/07/12 - Jacqui, Cal & Steph
Awesome weekend with the family! Thanks Sandy and Vaughan!

08/07/12 - Graham Monteiro
Fantastic time thank you!

08/07/12 - The Mauleys
Unique, memorable.

07/07/12 - Willeme Basson
What a surprise! Wonderful experience, serene and attention to detail! Thanks.

06/07/12 - Joe & Belinda White
Excellent Place! Thanx! Friendly staff!!

06/07/12 - Hewitson & Vaules Family
Very warm welcome by Ali. Everything well organized & clean. Well done! Best wishes to Ali & Martin for the future.

06/07/12 - Wanders Family
We've had a great time, thank you! We kuunen dit zeken aan serelen in Neduland.

06/07/12 - Debbie Vaughan
Wow Martin & Ali were great. Food amazing we had a great time.

06/07/12 - Diann Bosch
Martin & Ali thanks for the great company thoroughly enjoyed.

06/07/12 - Ingrid Elam
Fantastic! Great company, foods & hospitality!

06/07/12 - Colin, Joy & Andrew Hart & Angela Hoschick
Great hospitality Thanks Ali & Martin. Great fun was had by all.

01/07/12 - Marais
Thank you. Excellent stay. Loved it!

01/07/12 - Val & Rick Van Malsen
Thank you. Clean & good hospitality.

June 2012
29/06/12 - Sassen Family
Thank you for your hospitality.

20/06/12 - Hardy
Thank you for your service.

13/06/12 - Rocco & Lizette Nel
Thank you for a wonderful stay. Ven. Vidi Amau.

09/06/12 - Graham & Franly Linsley
Wonderful place peaceful & wonderful friendly service. Need more time!

05/06/12 - Frank
Thanks for a great stay!

05/06/12 - Donald Fridjhon
As usual: Peaceful/exciting with good service. Thanx!

04/06/12 - J. Van Tonder
Stunning camping site. Looking forward to come back.

04/06/12 - Du Preez
Lovely place.

04/06/12 - Blatch Family
Magical place. Loved our treehouses. Best wishes & Thank you.

02/06/12 - Ronnie Hubbard
Lovely place, enjoyed it a lot!

May 2012
30/05/12 - Douw Steyn
Very nice and peaceful. Will be back.

26/05/12 - Henry & Hilary Mawer
Was awesome. Lovely accommodation, friendliest staff food terrific!

20/05/12 - Gawlik & Migala Martin
Very beautiful place. Worth to visit not only for an overnight stay. The sounds of nature allow to forget any big city stress. We'll come back!!! Thank you.

13/05/12 - G.F.O Perman
Magnificent overnight stay. Everything here neat and beautiful.

12/05/12 - Devin Bouten
Great stay, very peaceful and welcoming staff.

08/05/12 - Sonja Brinks
So habeu wir wus das comfortable buschlebeu vorgestellt & kommen germe wieder ?

07/05/12Frontline People Church
Had a restful stay. Thank you.

05/05/12 - Piet & Carolyn & Pieter & Estelle
Wonderlike plek & besfuir as kan weer! Die great boom!

05/05/12 - PG & Maria Boshoff
Lovely, amazing setting with friendly staff; perfect anniversary for us!!

01/05/12 - Walters Family
Thank you very much! We had a lovely break and will certainly come again soon!!

01/05/12 - Trueman
Very special. Great place to unwind.

A lovely place! Like to come back soon.

01/05/12 - Maureen & Erwin Maperthaner
We had a wonderful time. Peaceful and excellent food.

April 2012
30/04/12 - Jake Hoddinott
Absolutely amazing spot. We'll be back!!

30/04/12 - Wynand
Dit is n pragtig plek met pragtige mense.

30/04/12 - Theron
Heerlike gekuier!

30/04/12 - William & Debra Coetzer
Lovely but need a more private campsite.

The bush is wonderful, as was the hospitality. The sheer nothingness is what makes it wonderful.

30/04/12 - Monica, Henk, MI, Rious, Inus & Chris
What an awesome stay! Great Baobabs!! Great scenery. Great people. Thank you for your unconventional kindness and hospitality. See you again soon with the kids!! Regards.

29/04/12 - Keith & Nolean
We had a wonderful visit, will come again soon. Wonderful friendly staff & service.

29/04/12 - Louis & Andreas
What a lovely place! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! Thank you!

Andre Nel
Stunning, stunning, stunning. Julle sienons beslis weer. Kos fantasties!!

29/04/12 - TFPD
Fantastiese plek, rustig baie na can die bes. Baie genet. Kwagga & Nicky.

28/04/12 - Kieth De Jager
Pragtige plek, net jammer vir die geraas vanat die BAR!!! Blackberry ½ is reg ookant die Bar!

27/04/12 - Dushmanitch
Wonderful stay. Very tranquil. Heard hyaena at night and saw lots in the park inc. leopard which made it a memorable stay.

Thanks for a great experience! Love it!!!

24/04/12 - Adrian Watermeyer
Lekker. Thanks for all the help.

24/04/12 - Ameture
So tranquil. I will be back!

23/04/12 - D. Pretorius
Fantastiese atmosfeer en leke rustig! Thank you.

22/04/12 - Clans
Lovely atmosphere: Thanks.

22/04/12 - Jost
Wonderful stay enjoyed it very much thanks.

21/04/12 - Mr & Mrs C.W. Du Plooy
A wonderful experience and the food was excellent. Thank you.

20/04/12 - Mr & Mrs Du Toit
The birds are fantastic see you again!

20/04/12 - Lee Watson
Wonderful spot. Will spread the word.

19/04/12 - Doug Vining
What a magic place
worlds best kept secret (but not for long!)

18/04/12 - Koriman
Het was geweldighien. Ligging tent was schitterend alle mensen van het kamp.

16/04/12 - Ed & Karin Saakstra
Many thanks for your great hospitality.

16/04/12 - Ed Leek
Friendly and gas free!! Staff is super!!

16/04/12 - N & M Clarence
Thank you for a wonderful stay. A little piece of paradise.

10/04/12 - Liesl & Johan
We had an amazing stay. Thank you so much. Lovely warm atmosphere, warm, beautiful people.

09/04/12 - Ralph
Absolute Bliss. Thank You.

09/04/12 - Vivian & Connol
The warmth of your welcome is truly matched by the beauty and tranquility of your surroundings.

08/04/12 - Brian Rode & Channtelle Venter
Thank you very much for a wonderful stay.

08/04/12 - Madeleine, Paulo, Casandra & Tristan- Beautiful place with friendly staff
see you soon!

07/04/12 - Gerrit Olivier
Had an excellent stay, friendly staff, thank you.

04/04/12 - George Wilsenash
Had a wonderful stay and beautiful sunset.

01/04/12 - Corne & Charl Marais
Dankie vir n stunning, rustig plek. Die natuur is pragtig en kampplek privaat en rustig.

01/04/12 - Dreyer Groep
Baie Dankie! Pragtig! Netjies! Kos Lekker!

March 2012
29/03/2012 - Louise & Andre Vaalwater
Baie dankie vir 'n heerlike kuier in die bos. Enjoyed the company around the bar and very interesting information. Looking forward to seeing you again.

28/03/2012 - Warren Taylor/Mike Nicholl - Weir Minerals
Great stay with a taste of the bush. Enjoyed the company around the bar and the fresh river water pool. Hope to see you again.

25/03/2012 - Jeroen Bruil/Wymhe Frens -SNP Notuurreizen The Netherlands
Thanks for the "bushy reception and wonderful hospitality in an amazing corner of Limpopo.

25/03/2012 - Phyll & Brian McGrath, Rob & Penny Haswell
We would love to stay longer, what a lovely spot!

25/03/2012 - Dustin Loomes
Pafuri river camp was amazing. Wonderful facilities, Excellent staff, Great birding.

23/03/2012 - Anne Marie Brod
Beautiful area. Very enjoyable.

20/03/2012 - Anthony Hall
Very enjoyable stay.

18/03/2012 - Greg Parent, Andrea Gaughan, Deb Wojale
Thank you for talking about precipitation, the local environment & people. Lovely stay - hope to be back soon!

18/03/2012 - E. Benecice
Baie dankie vir lekker naweek. Dit was angelooflik lekker.

17/03/2012 - O. Hart
Very good, friendly and efficient. Thank you, we'll be back.

17/03/2012 - Armand Clause
Everything was excellent, food, accommodation. Thanks a lot you guys.

14/03/2012 - Phillip and Jill de Moor
The most comfortable camping site in South Africa, with an irresistible supply of new Bird species.

12/03/2012 - Eve Woodynic & Ricardo Ceceege
Thank you for a lovely stay among the trees. We will be back.

12/03/2012 - Sunjich Family
Thank you so much for the fantastic hospitality. We will be back.

11/03/2012 - Alta Fraser
Lieflike plek! Het dit baie geniet om in die bos tussen voels te bly!

11/03/2012 - Michelle van Niekerk
Wonderlike plek. Baie geniet. Personeel baie behulpsaam.

11/03/2012 - Willemien van Hoepen & Linda Rossouw
Ag dit was so lekker! Mens voel weer naby aan die natuur en aan God. Dankie vir julle gasvryheid en liefde. Sterkte vorentoe.

10/02/2012 - Jenny Bester
This is a little spot of paradise. Lovely stay!

10/02/2012 - Susan Velthuysen
Wonderlike naweek! Die diens is uit stekend. Almal vriendelik & behalpsaam!

10/03/2012 - W.C. Goubert
Wonderlike naweek !! Baie geniet!!

10/03/2012 - Delien Vosloo
Baie lekker! Raak net asb ontslae van die koei met die klok! Ha-ha!!

10/03/2012 - Joan Hulidt
Thank you. Had a great time @ a great venue.

10/03/2012 - Andre Taljaard
Wonderlik!! Baie na aan die natuur, mense is vriendlike. Sien julle definitief weer binne- kort!!

05/03/2012 - Scott & Don Hoare
Keep up the good work. Wonderful service, accommodation, atmosphere.

February 2012
25/02/2012 - Anton Jager
It's a lovely place, a "real" bush experience. My family loved it. Keep up the good work.

21/02/2012 - Leoto Kgopa
Had a nice day and hope to be back with family. Took a walk down the river.

21/02/2012 - Bongani Dlamini
Lovely quiet place with welcoming hosts, keep up the good work.

21/02/2012 - Bertie Potgierter
What a place!! Very nice camp, will come again with family. THANKS.

09/02/2012 - Blitters Wyk
Heel erg bedankt.

08/02/2012 - Marian & Francis Gobets
We will be back to this amazing place.

05/02/2012 - Jeanique & Wesley
Such a beautiful place to stay. The food was excellent! Thanks ROBJ. Hospitality was very good will definitely come back again! have a wonderful year.

03/02/2012 - Leon, Suzette & Family
Thanx for a lovely stay. The peace of my LORD can be felt in this beautiful garden.

03/02/2012 - Coole's Ray& Fran
What a beautiful spot. What a discovery for us. Hope to be back soon.

03/02/2012 - Higgs
So happy to have seen your "posi". Glad you are a happy and divine

01/02/2012 - Roberto
Thank you!! Very warm hospitality, great people and a special place.

01/02/2012 - Hans and Fien Rysdyk
What agreat spot. We came for one day stayed two. Wish we had more time. Thanks for all!!!!

January 2012
31/12/2012 - Johan & Erica de Klerk
This was a wonderful experience. We loved Night Jar and enjoyed every day, even me being scared a bit.

26/01/2012 - Theo & Brutus from Clean
Wonderful as always !

26/01/2012 - Johan
Amazing !

25/01/2012 - Karin Baumhover
Learned fascinating new words in Afrikaans - better not spell them.

16/01/2012 - Lelanje & Edrich Schafer
What an awesome spot - perfect birding!! Will recommend to everyone. Will be back! Thank you!

14/01/2012 - Eckards, Tzaneen
Very nice, see you soon!! Bring our friends

12/01/2012 - Ryno Jardin Polokwane
Had a lovely time. Great food and company.

07/01/2012 - Andries, Marna, Karla and Gert
Absolutely wonderful experience. Will come again! Thank you for the star treatment.

07/01/2012 - Hansie, Johan Snr, Johan, Hennie
Thank you, it was very nice, brings a person very close to God and nature. Very peaceful thx

05/01/2012 - Wayne, Helen, Tyler Boardman
Absolutely blown away by this pleasant and comfortable little camp. A true Gem!

04/01/2012 - Peter Gavelin Stockholm Sweden
What a pleasant place this is! We have had a great time, lots of good birding and great hospitality!

04/01/2012 - Peter, Nadine, Christina & Markus
As war hibl suppl ruitig. Wildas habbl wir llbider nicht grseher. Dank!

03/01/2012 - Darkene & Charlie Weber
Brilliant! Thanks for peace and quiet!

02/01/2012 - Gullis & Janet Gouws
Thanks for a peaceful time.

01/01/2012 - Kim & Wayne & Marnell
Absolute Heaven! Thank you to a wonderful end and amazing start to 2012.