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Pafuri Rivercamp is situated at the top end of the former homeland Venda. Although it has now been incorporated into the new South Africa, Venda remains a unique area, with an intriguing culture and a diverse landscape. Most of the land around is communal, so one is free to explore without the fear of trespassing.

South of the Soutpansberg, the high rainfall supports thick forests, tea, coffee and tropical fruit plantations. It feeds many waterfalls, rivers, dams and the sacred lake of Fundudzi. In contrast, the North is generally arid with the exception of the river valleys and areas surrounding the natural springs.

Places of interest include: Mavhilani potholes; Makuya park; Kruger park; Nwanedi park; The Big Tree; The Cycad Forest; Lake Fundudzi; The Sacred Forest; Limpopo Valley; Tshiovhovhovho Falls; Dzata Ruins and Museum of the Drum; Local Arts and Craft Markets; Fruit Markets; Local Shebeens; Thulamela; Dambali Caves and Bushman Paintings; Sagole Hot Spring.

Whilst not essential, a 4x4 vehicle is recommended for exploring Venda.