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This region has had virtually no exposure to tourism, as a result you will not find your typical tourist markets, township tours or artificial ethnic scenes. The vhaVenda are peaceful people for whom ancient tradition is still very much a part of everyday life. Our visits to the local villages still cause much excitement. One can barter for traditional crafts such as baskets, mats or pots from the homes of the villagers(take one of our staff to help translate).

A personal visit to the traditional Sangoma and local Herbalist is enjoyed by many. Having the Sangoma throw the bones in their own village hut, explaining in depth the meaning of each bone with the added bonus of personal predictions, enhances the African village experience!

Every village has it's shebeen where you can always buy a beer, although not always a cold one. The Venda people love to have their picture taken, so bring your camera.

The vibrant drum beat and energetic dancing of the vhaVenda is an experience never to be forgotten. Tours to the village to view traditional dancing can be arranged on request.