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RELAXING: What most people do once they get here. Why don't you try? Come live in the bush for a while!

BIRDING: Pafuri Rivercamp is situated in one of South Africa's prime birding areas. The camp and river bank offer some excellent birding opportunities with our resident bird guide on hand to assist.

FISHING: We are fortunate to have access to two very different rivers, the Mutale and the Luvuvhu. The Mutale, the river the camp is built on, is the smaller and clearer of the two, and although it flows all year round, the level drops considerably towards the end of the dry season, making it unsuitable for serious angling between May and September. The Luvuvhu's level remains far more constant, however in the wet season the water can become quite murky, making certain species difficult to catch. Basically this means that all year round we have access to a huge variety of fish. These include : Tigerfish, Sharptooth Catfish (Barbel), Large Scale Yellowfish, Mozambique Tilapia (Blue Kurper/Bream), Mottled Eel and Purple, Rednosed and Leaden Labeo (all species of Mud Fish)

SUNRISE SURPRISE: For the early risers experience the most amazing sunrise at Sunrise Hill, as the sun creeps over the KNP.

SUNDOWNERS AT SUNSET RIDGE: Climb up to Sunset Ridge just before sunset for a spectacular view and a stunning African sunset.

GUIDED NATURE WALKS: Guided Bird walks for the novice birdwatchers are available. Depending on the availability of our onsite bird guide. Depending on the availability of guide.

Nature walks along the many trails in and around Pafuri River Camp are available. Feel free to utilise them and discover the flora and fauna of the region. Guided walks can be organised, depending on the availability of guide.

RIVER WALKS AND TRAILS: Enjoy a leisurely walk along the many marked trails and discover a huge variety of tree species, bird species and tranquility for the soul.

LAPA, BUSH BAR AND SWIMMING POOL: Centrally located, this is the ideal place to chill, meet new friends or simply sit and contemplate your navel!