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Most visitors to Africa come in search of the "Big Five": lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant. They were the traditional hunting trophies that people sought and all are truly magnificent and presumably make for a "good hunt".

The true “hunt” though is for the "Little Five"; ant lion, leopard tortoise, rhino beetle, buffalo weaver and elephant shrew.

ANT LIONS are insects that dig characteristic round holes in the sand, insects fall into them and are then eaten by ant lion larvae in the holes.

The LEOPARD TORTOISE is the most common tortoise in South Africa and are often encountered when driving around.

RHINO BEETLES are a bit trickier in that they a species of dung beetle with a projection on their foreheads that looks a bit like a rhino horn. As not all dung beetles have these, careful examination of dung beetles is required to tick off this member of the small five, but again, with a bit of perseverance, not too difficult.

The BUFFALO WEAVER (red-billed) is quite a common bird which builds communal nests that are very easy to spot and so also quite easy to find. And so we come to the ELEPHANT SHREW- very elusive and fast moving!

See how many you can spot on your visit to Pafuri River Camp!